Electrostatic Powder Coating Systems

Electrostatic powder coating is based on the principle of applying polymer powders on the parts to be coated electrostatically by a powder coating gun and then cured in the oven, generally 10 minutes in 200°C.

The investment cost of powder coating systems varies depending on the daily quantity of parts, sizes, method of application, etc.

The facilities that will satisfy the needs with the most suitable coating method and minimum investment cost as per these variables are offered to our customers by our company’s engineering department during the offer phase.

Liquid Painting Systems

These systems are mainly preferred in painting application on furniture, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals for its application speed and due to powder coating can’t be applied as well.

A perfect surface quality can be achieved by combination of additional systems.

Our company offers you both automatic and manual liquid painting systems

RAINBOW Manual Powder Coating Gun

An electrostatic field is created between the gun nozzle and the grounded object. The powder is electrostatically charged at the nozzle of the powder coating gun. The sprayed powder remains adhered to the surface of the object.

Rainbow PLC Controlled Coating Reciprocator

Reciprocator is designed for automatic electrostatic powder coating, enameling and wet spraying applications. The construction and performance are designed to high continual load everyday operational conditions. Perfect coating is achieved with easy adjustment of stroke and speed to meet production needs.

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